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Emergency Response

Keeping our clients safe from the hazards of chemical spills and hazardous material cleanup is our mission at M&J's Spill Response. We’ve spent years studying the proper procedures for the safe, efficient cleanup of numerous dangerous materials. And we now take pride in our spill response efforts and ensuring our customers are confident they will be safe in any hazardous situation.

Our specialty is providing fast, professional responses to various emergency hazardous material situations at M&J's Spill Response. Whether it’s for a chemical spill or biohazardous waste, we’re here to protect the health and safety of all when there is a threat of contamination.

Our team of highly trained hazmat experts is standing ready to dispatch to dangerous situations across most of South Carolina at a moment’s notice. We make it a point to see that every team member has the knowledge, training, and ability to respond to and diffuse any hazardous situation that comes their way. You can rest assured that we’re equipped with the latest in specialized equipment and materials to handle your case safely, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

Our team has extensive experience providing professional cleanup services in various settings. We’ve efficiently handled chemical spills on interstate highways, fuel spills on farms, and more. Our priority is always to ensure everyone’s safety before any cleanup process occurs.

Hazardous Spills

Any hazardous chemical spill is always a serious matter and should never be taken lightly. At M&J's Spill Response, we understand the extreme health or safety threat that exists in the case of a hazardous spill. Whether it’s diesel fuel from a semi-truck, fertilizer or pesticide from a farm operation, or another dangerous substance such as acid, mercury, black powder, or another corrosive liquid or explosive, our team has the skills and experience to perform a thorough cleanup safely and efficiently.

Toxins, flammables, and corrosive liquids pose a health and safety risk with even the slightest exposure. We take every hazardous spill seriously and approach it with the highest level of caution. Cleanup of any of these mentioned materials should never be attempted by yourself.

Our hazardous chemical situation response includes:

  • Quickly evacuate the area
  • Shut off all equipment in operation
  • Determine the type of contaminant spilled
  • Contain the spill
  • Completely clean the spill without jeopardizing the safety of others
  • Completely disinfect the entire spill area

Call us at (864) 449-1601 immediately at even the smallest hazardous spill.

Food Cleanup

Have you ever had a failed refrigerator or freezer or had food spoiled due to the loss of electric power? Not only can it be a smelly, unpleasant experience when food goes bad, but it is also a health hazard. Spoiled food due to loss of proper refrigeration or left in a freezer too long can result in exposure to decomposing biological material or harmful pathogens.

At M&J's Spill Response, we’re here to rescue commercial businesses and private customers who have spoiled food for whatever reason. Unless you’ve been trained in the proper techniques of spoiled food cleanup, this is a process that should be left to professionals.

E.coli, salmonella, and other illnesses are highly possible upon contact with spoiled meat. Liquids from rotting meat and vegetables can also seep into cracks and seams of appliances, making them extremely difficult to clean and sanitize. Our team takes every precaution possible when performing food and appliance cleanup, including wearing proper eyewear, gloves, and respirators to prevent infection.

And disposing of spoiled food should also be left to our professional team at M&J's Spill Response. The Food and Drug Administration can require permits for transporting and disposing of spoiled food. We make it a point to use proper equipment and procedures in transporting and disposing of spoiled food.

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