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Contaminant & Oil Spill Cleanup in Greenville County, SC

M & J's Spill Response is one of the most trusted contaminant and biohazardous waste companies in Greenville County, Spartanburg County, Hendersonville, and Anderson, SC. Our services for oil spill cleanup, hydrocarbon cleanup, and protein spill cleanup are performed by trained and certified hazmat professionals. Our team members have a wide range of cleaning up contaminant spills of all sizes and scopes. You can depend on us to correct your emergency spill cleanup fast, efficiently, and within your timeline.

spill response team working roadside

Emergency Spill Responses in Your Time of Need

Ensuring safety and preventing harm to our clients is our main priority. Clients choose us because they can rely on us to clean up and neutralize dangerous materials and contaminants quickly and carefully. Our team has years of experience and skills in cleaning up virtually any type of property and spill. If one or more of the following disasters happens to your business or property, we can restore your safety and operations fast:

  • Chemical spills
  • Hazardous material cleanup
  • Oil spills
  • Hydrocarbon cleanup
  • Protein spill cleanup
  • Remediation
large truck crash being disassembled

How Our Emergency Spill Responses Work

Materials like oil, hydrocarbon, and other chemicals are extremely dangerous when spilled. That’s why you need seasoned, trusted professionals like us to clean them up and restore safety. Here’s how we conduct emergency cleanups:

  • We quickly evacuate the area to ensure the safety of all involved.
  • We shut down all equipment and operations to prevent further damage or harm.
  • We analyze the spill to determine the kind of contaminant affecting the area.
  • We restrict the contaminant to a designated area to prevent it from spreading.
  • We remove the contaminant and thoroughly clean and sanitize the area.
spill response team working roadside

Using the Latest Contaminant Cleanup Technology

Any contaminant spill or leak should be treated with the utmost importance and seriousness. Even small oil, fertilizer, acid, or toxin leaks can become significant disasters if not cleaned up quickly and with the right technology. We use the most advanced equipment and gear, including trucks and lifts, to remove contaminants and dispose of them securely. From minor chemical leaks to severe biohazardous waste disasters, we’ll provide the following equipment to return safety:

  • Skid-steer
  • Trac-code
  • Dump trucks
  • Forklifts

Your Dependable Source for Emergency Contaminant Cleanup

If a chemical, toxin, waste, or other harmful material leaks on your property, company, or job site, evacuating everyone on the premises is crucial. Reducing harm and saving lives are the top priorities during a contamination emergency. Once everyone is a safe distance away from the spill, the team at M & J's Spill Response will respond right away with a cleanup. Our job is only done once we’re certain the threat has been eliminated.

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